Have you been scouted?

We have multiple scouts across Canada, from Montreal, Toronto to Vancouver, scouring the country for new faces in the modelling industry. If you're reading this, perhaps it's because you've been scouted by one - congrats! Hopefully, you're wondering: what's next? Well, you've come to the right place. Take a look around... our site showcases some of the top international models, scouted right here in Canada. Interested in learning more? Contact the office located closest to you by visiting our contact page

Recruitment Warning

Next Canada considers the safety and well-being of aspiring models to be a top priority. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and authenticity and believe it is important to advise models about unscrupulous people who prey on their ambitions.

Please be aware there are certain individuals on the internet falsely claiming to be representatives or scouts of Next Canada. If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be a representative of Next Canada, do not respond without first verifying their identity by promptly CALLING us directly at one of our offices and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Please note, Next Canada never request photos in the nude or in lingerie and we never require the payment of money.

Should someone claiming to be a representative or manager from any agency contact you, immediately alert your parents or a responsible adult, and if the person claims to be from Next Canada, please contact us.

We wish you well in your pursuits, and always – be safe.

Who are our scouts?

Andrea Gratton   |   Thierry Tally   |   Rhonda Tuchow   |   Felicia Trinidad   |   Didier Belleguic   |   Marine Gay   |   Sarah Fedor   |   Patrick Bitoumbou   |   Ottavio Maion

Mark Monaghan   |   Rhonda Tuchow   |   Felice Trinidad   |   Bobby Bowen   |   Ajwad Kabir  |   Sierra Nallo   |   Marc Ranger   |   Sean Loughran   |   Sarah Fedor   |   Alexander Gray 

Marc Ranger

Want to become a Next Models scout?

We are always looking for people with an eye for talent. If you think you've got what it takes, contact us by visiting our contact page.